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Bob Kunkel

was a 22-year-old farm boy from Minnesota when he was drafted into theInfantry of the U.S. Army in 1966. He served a one-year tour of duty in Vietnam, like thousands and thousands of others. He experienced physical pain and deprivation, sweltering jungle heat, stressful life-or-death situations with lots of boredom in-between, camaraderie and life-long bonding with his buddies – like so many others else serving in Vietnam.

Prompted as part of his therapy for PTSD, jotting down some of the things that swirled relentlessly through his head. That turned into an outline that eventually turned into a memoir. Bob spent parts of 18 years working on this work. He originally planned for it to be something to hand off to his children and grandchildren, as a remembrance of him. But it’s a story that needs to be shared.

Bob tells the story well: with lots of detail, but also with a fair amount of humor. We believe that nearly everyone will enjoy reading his story. Perhaps it’s on behalf of a loved one who also served, or simply to get a view of the Vietnam War that is more realistic than the movie versions.

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