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Bob Kunkel is a savvy guy. His recollections of infantry life are as informative as any Vietnam War memoir I have read. A stickler for detail, he presents an unfiltered view of what took place in his own mind and speculates about the thoughts of others. His descriptions of combat, suffering, and death leave little to the imagination. His stories describe meaningful encounters on and off the battlefield. Bad actors generally receive a comeuppance.”

review by Henry Zeybel

Vietnam Veterans of America Books in Review II
(Jan. 7, 2019): Walking Point by Robert Kunkel

“Walking Point: A Vietnam Memoir is a candid, honest, and sobering firsthand account of the author’s military training, tour of duty in Vietnam, and return home only to encounter a heart-rending amount of public scorn, as well as the harrowing effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. A handful of black-and-white photographs enhances this vividly descriptive (and sometimes horrifying) ‘must-read’ contribution to Vietnam and biography and testimonial shelves. Highly recommended, especially for public library collections.”

review by James A. Cox, Editor

Midwest Book Review
(March 19, 2019): Walking Point

“Book Bites are quick, five minute looks at a book from readers. Try a new book this week! This week, Leigh Lenzmeier shares
‘Walking Point: A Vietnam Memoir,’ by Robert Kunkel. Bob Kunkel grew up in a large, Catholic family on a dairy farm in central Minnesota. Although he was older than some draftees, at 22, he was still young and relatively innocent. But not for long.”
Kunkel recounts his experiences with so much detail that the reader can feel and smell the steamy jungle. He brings you right along with him. His story is much more than a collection of details, however. His military experience was largely mundane routine, spiced with dramatic and dangerous moments and anecdotal incidents, recounted with a dry sense of humor. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster of a read.”

Review by Leigh Lenzmeier

Reading with Libraries Podcast:
Walking Point: A Vietnam Memoir; Oct. 18, 2018

“Episode 1345 Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story from [Kimball,] Minnesota, about Vietnam Vet Robert Kunkel. He recently published a gripping book titled ‘Walking Point’ about his experiences with the 5/7th Cav, 1st Cav Division in Vietnam.”

Vietnam Veteran News Podcast #1345

“Minnesota Vietnam Vet penned gripping memoir;”
Dec. 21, 2018

“A stirring and moving tale of life in the U.S. Army and one man’s combat experiences in war. You will find this book a true account of the Army grunt’s life in the jungles of Vietnam. An account and explanation of the hardships, the struggles, the pain, the boredom of time spent in rehabilitation and recovery from wounds, the constant discomfort caused by the stifling heat and humid conditions, the staggering impact of losing close and trusted buddies and fellow warriors. … I would urge everyone, especially military veterans, regardless of branch of service or time of service, to read this book.

Michael J. Ackerman

U.S. Army, Medical Corps MOS,
Feb. 29, 1964 – Feb. 28, 1967

“Walking Point is not just another book on the Vietnam War, it is a must-read! … This is a great read for everyone, whether you’re a military novice with little experience or a career military person like me. ‘Walking Point’ provides the reader a personal account of the Vietnam experience. … ‘Walking Point’ takes you there!”

Jeff Howe, Lt. Col. MN National Guard (Ret.)

Minnesota Senator, District 13